1996 Lowe Family Reunion

We held our 33rd Annual Lowe Family Reunion in New York City and Milford, CT.   Cousins Margaret and Thelma (and the rest of the New York-Connecticut arm of the family) did an excellent job of organizing the weekend's activities.   There was, first of all, almost non-stop eating (such good food!), but we did make time for other things too.   We went on a bus tour of the city (with shopping), and a Broadway theater performance.   We saw August Wilson's Seven Guitars at the Walter Kerr Theatre -- it was wonderful! We had a great time ... but see for yourselves:

In spite of the rain, there was a cookout at the home of Cousins Martha and Eugene
in Connecticut.

Gathering on and around the back porch

Here's another shot of the cookout.
The rain stopped and we spread out!

In the backyard at the cookout
Here we are at the Empire State Building.
We were pretty high up!

Some of the cousins on the Observation Deck at the Empire State Building
Back at street level, here we are
waiting for our bus to take us
to our next destination.

Back at street level, waiting for our bus

Sunday--last minute get-togethers
before it's time to go back home.

Some of the family gathers for a quick goodbye
And of course, the obligatory shot
of the New York City skyline.

New York City skyline

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